Our selection of products ranges from paintball filling equipment, test equipment, to dive aids and maintenance equipment and supplies, including regulators, o-rings, weight systems, kits, instruments and accessories. Our main focus is to serve and support dive shops worldwide.

Take a look at our current product categories:

Paintball Tank Filling Equipment

Devices to fill paintball tanks with compressed air from scuba air stations and commercial cylinders.

Regulator Hoses & Adapters

Custom and standard hoses for scuba regulators, instrument consoles, and buoyancy control devices. Hose repair kits. Regulator port, hose adapters and swivels.

Scuba Repair Tools

A variety of hand tools for the repair, cleaning, and calibrating of scuba equipment, including regulators, tank valves, and BC's.

O-Rings & Repair Supplies

Buna N and Viton O-Rings in bulk or kits. Lubricants, cleaning solvents, oxygen-compatible greases for scuba repairs.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

Solvents, and accessories for successful cleaning of scuba gear by ultrasonic methods.

Tank Tumbling Supplies

Equipment for the internal cleaning of scuba tanks including tumbler machines, washers and dryers, and cleaning media. Tank whips, bottom brushes, and thread cleaners.

Tank / Valve Servicing & VIP

Equipment for removing, inspecting, and testing tank valves, plus internal inspection materials: VIP lights, mirrors and valve test stands.

Air Filtration & Quality Control

Air quality monitors and sensor disks. Bulk filter chemicals. Air processing controls and accessories.

Regulator, Tank & Valve Accessories

Tire inflators and blowguns. BC hose accessories and adapters.

Compressor Lubricants

A selection of popular oils for the production of certified scuba air and specialty mixed gases.

Compressed Gas Hardware

Equipment for air stations, compressors, gas storage and transfer systems, including CGA hardware, manifolds, valves, pressure fittings, gauges, and regulators.

Tank Filling Equipment & Adapters

Whips, hardware, and adapters for filling scuba tanks and SCBA units, plus a variety of replacement components including custom pressure hoses and stainless tubing.

Scuba Testing Equipment

Flowbenches, workstations, and other modular instruments for testing regulators and valves. Pressure test chambers for checking dive instruments and validating watertight integrity.

Oxygen & Mixed Gas Equipment

Supplies and hardware for oxygen cleaning, transferring and analyzing gas mixtures, and constructing blending and storing systems for specialty gas mixtures.

Pressure Checking & Equalizing

Instruments for checking scuba tank pressures and crossover devices for equalizing pressure between air cylinders.

Gas Blending Apparatus

Manual blending manifolds, gas-mixing panels, and various components for production of Nitrox and Trimix. Oxygen-clean gauges.